Some say that I have a lot of patience to create works like these.  No doubt the word patience for me does not exist when the pleasure is there as an artist. I have monklike tendencies from the days of the scribes who worked tirelessly to transcribe the holy scriptures. They are credited with being patient also! 

Géant points.jpg
And the point is #3.jpeg
And the point is #4.jpg

...And the point is? #3-  15,2 x 50,8cm Acrylic on canvas $500ca  

Once upon a time...dots. 152cm x 51 Acrylic on canvas $1,700ca  

VENDU...And the point is? #4-  46x 36cm Acrylic on canvas $675 ca.   SOLD

...And the point is?#8-  27 x 35cm Acrylic on canvas $500 ca.  

And the point is? #8a.jpeg
and the point is #1.jpeg

...And the poointis? #1-  51 x 25cm Acrylic on canvas $500 ca.