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I create my artwork using bright colours, then comes movement.  In my mind movement is imperative! 


For me, life is movement therefore my artwork automatically reflects movement. Movement is synonymous with change and change always come following movement.


The colours I use reflect joy and light. They are yellows and oranges, whites and light greens. At times a virtual rainbow.


My inspiration is life and what I see in it.  It is the way Mother Nature plays with colour, nature in general and wild flowers in particular. As a traveller, I find inspiration is in the colours of Portuguese houses and the hillsides they are set upon. It’s also there in a wave on the sea off the coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador or a sunset in Mexico. I see it in the cream of a coffee in Italy.  It is also in the outside light dancing with the wind in the trees giving out a reflection on the walls.

Yes, I am open for commissioned work. 

The artist with a big smile

I am open for commission work

References of associations with people and organisations

I am a proud member of

The Arts Network of Ottawa  


The Algarve  Artists Society

When in Portugal see this association for other talented artsits

Gratefull for the help granted by The Ontario Arts Conseil

These people pay attention to artists

Some of the photographes are 
signed Shoebox Studio in Ottawa

Show box great photos

Special THANK YOU for all the help :
Randy Herald
Joanne Letendre
Céline Caron

Andrée Anne Villeneuve 
Danielle Jacques
Guillaume Séguin

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