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man, husband, brother, uncle, friend, nature lover...

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The consequence of running in circles often add up to new findings

61cm X 122cm
$1,500CAD / 1100€


Intricate and non geometrical display of a agate when we look at it closely

Flore do mar #4
Acrylic on canvas
73cm X 60cm
$900CAD / 650€


The agate flowers up sometimes as reminder of the intricacy in life

Flore do mar #5
Acrylic on canvas
80cm x 60cm
$900CAD / 650€

Again and again life can be full to pointy reminders

Flore do mar #6
Acrylic on canvas
70cm X 50cm
$900CAD / 650€

The dance of the waves, the underground of deep thoughts

See you at dusk 

 Multi media
60cm X 60cm

$900CAD / 650

...And the beach looked like this in the monrning

Un après-midi à la plage 

Multi media

50cm X 50cm

$800CAD / 560

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