VIVID - Abstract artwork series

This series, executed in the early days of 2019,  was created following a dream. One should know that I rarely  remember my dreams. This one was VIVID and quite precise :  I was in a huge room painting background after background on canvas.  Then, using black paint I would do very precise applications upon these backgrounds. The surprising thing is that I usually never paint with black as a predominant colour. 

I understood at that moment that the choice of black in that dream was there to accentuate the « inspiration " an element for me to remember. 

The following morning, rattled I painted what I had seen during the night. An inspiration cannot be contradicted is what I say!

Thivierge_2020_005 copy.jpg

VIVID - Afternoon heat-  50 x 40cm Acrylic on canvas $750ca  

Vif Rising sun  copie.jpeg

VIVID - Rising sun  45 x 35cm Acrylic on panel $675 ca  

Vif Sprintime copie.jpeg

VIVID - Springtime-  50 x 40cm Acrylic on canvas $750 ca  

Vif. Dusk copie.jpeg

VIVID - Ray of hope-  40 x 50cm Acrylic on canvas $750 ca  

Vif not my grden copie.jpg

VIVID - Not my garden-  40 x 30cm Acrylic on canvas $585 ca  

Vif - Le matin copie.jpeg

VIVID In the morning-  40 x 50cm Acrylic on canvas $750ca  

Fiery copie.jpg

VIVID - Fiery-  35 x 45cm Acrylic on canvas $675ca  

Pink is good copie.jpg

VIVID - Afternoon heat-  50 x 40cm Acrylic on canvas $750ca