THE WINDS - Abstract artwork series

Inspiration is an abstract thing. It has no odor or colours. One can explain or describe it a million different ways but every time it is very personnel. Many artists are without explication or have not analyzed their artwork because it is so intuitive. This is often my realty. The series THE WINDS came to be following the remembering of tumultuous past event. Also, there were great winds in the Algarve  at the end of 2019.

Thivierge_2020_002 copy.jpg

Le sirocco-  61 x 61cm Acrylic on panel $900 ca.  

Le contrevent d'ouest.jpg

Le contre vent d'ouest-  29 x 39cm Acrylic on panel $500 ca.  

Le Revolon.jpg

Le revolon- 60 x 30cm Acrylic on canvas $600 ca.  

Le mistral.jpeg

Le mistral-  44 x 44cm Acrylic on panel $700 ca.  Framed