Here you will find abstract artworks that go back to 2009 and onward. 


Bancs de lumières #2 -  61 x 244cm Acrylic & paper on panel $7,000 ca.  Framed

Les amoureux.jpg

Lovers  51 x 70cm Acrylic on canvas $900 ca.  


Bubble gun pickup sticks-  40 x 40cm Acrylic on canvas $600 ca.  


Des bélugas pour Benoit  51 X 41cm Acrylic on canvas $700 ca.

I counted 61-  61 x 76cm Acrylic on panel $1,200 ca  Framed

L'arbre copie.jpg

The tree-  61 x 122cm Acrylic & paper on panel $1,500 ca  

Sans titre 2020.jpeg

Untitled -  35 x 27cm Acrylic on panel $500 ca.  

En plein été.jpeg

En plein été  35 x 27cm Acrylic on canvas $500 ca.  

Teardrops to your heart.jpeg

Teardrops to your heart  61 x 122cm Acrylic & paper on panel $1,500 ca.  

The fish  122 x 244cm Acrylic on panel $3,500 ca  

Bancs de lumières .jpeg

Bancs de lumières 150cm X 91cm Multimedia $3,000 ca.