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"Occasionally one comes across an artist who combines the ability to filter the world’s beauty in imaginative and vibrant ways and simultaneously looks at prosaic materials that, creatively applied, result in stunning and powerful artworks. Marc Thivierge is one such artist.


The mosaics of Portugal suddenly become paper confetti confections of clouds, fish, flowers. Rough, decaying buildings become gorgeous displays of paint used in innovative ways.


Marc’s work reflects a unique ability to see and interpret

the outside world that inspires, confronts, challenges and pleases."

Gwen McCauley

"Marc Thivierge has taken his love and passion for life and depicted it in rich colour and creative design on canvas, either in his unique and fascinating collages or his vibrant paintings.

Marc's art has movement, emotion and a memorable excites your very soul!"

Patricia Matthews

"Passionné, intuitif, libre ! Voici des qualificatifs qui décrivent bien l’artiste peintre Marc Thivierge.

Passionné de la vie, il sait écouter son intuition cela lui permet de faire éclater son art et ainsi ne pas se cloisonner dans une recherche technique mais plutôt exprimer une réelle émotion.

Arriver à décrire son art, c’est le décrire lui-même.


Continuellement en recherche de texture, de mouvement et d’effets, ses toiles sont le reflet du moment, de l’espace qu’il vit. Elles reflètent totalement l’homme libre et curieux qu’il est."    

 Jean Brousseau 

"Marc's work is extreme evocative  of the environment around him.  Using the technique of cut paper and collage, Marc captures the sensitivities of nature, movement, and colour.  


We were fortunate to have purchased a suite of four works which convey the change in season and have them proudly displayed is our home in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. 

Marc is a wonderful person, and his sensitivities are proudly displayed  in his work."

 James Gara (MOMA)

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